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KatzKlip Book Holder black

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KatzKlip  Book Holder black
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KatzKlip Book Holder black

Holding sheet music securely on a piano music rest has been a perennial problem – until now that is...KatzKlip is a brand new and unique portable book holder for upright pianos, and it fits nearly all sizes and makes of piano. 

It is very easy to attach and can be simply removed in a matter of seconds.
It leaves no scratches or marks on your piano, requires no gluing or fixings, and has a durable patented construction to provide many years of use.

A pair of KatzKlips are required to support your sheet music and they come 
in high quality rigid boxes for storage and portability.
Install, Remove or just leave
Please note you will need to use both KatzKlips to secure your sheet music on the rest. It is very simple to install your KatzKlips:

1. Take your first KatzKlip and bring the open end up to the edge of your music rest (fig 1).

2. Gently push the KatzKlip forward with a light upwards pressure onto the music rest (fig 2). It should slide on quite easily and the felt pads will prevent marking or scratching if used properly.

3. Repeat the operation for your second KatzKlip (figs 1 and 2). The KatzKlips should be set a distance apart to suit the size of score being held on your music rest.

4. To release sheet music pages for turning, either rotate the KatzKlip arm to the horizontal postion to release individual pages (fig 3), or just lift the page over the angled KatzKlip arm (fig 4).

Finally after use just gently ease both KatzKlips away from your music rest and store in the small rigid box supplied.

If you wish to keep the KatzKlips on the piano they can be placed in the horizontal position so that the music rest can be folded up and the Fall can be closed down.